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        Anti-static raised floor is the computer industry developed a new flooring material, isolated moisture, electrostatic dust. The most important thing is to solve the cabling problems without embedded pipeline, they can always disassemble, move, ensuring the full benefits of information technology equipment, adapted to the information(More, click to enter)......
  • 0A500系列网络地板
  • OA600切边型/包边型网络地
  • OA-500铆钉型扣槽地板
  • 扣槽式中空网络地板
  • 防静电全钢架空活动地板
  • 全钢通风活动地板
  • 全铝防静电活动地板
  • 瓷砖贴面防静电活动地板
  • 木基防静电活动地板
  • 硫酸钙地板
  • 硫酸钙基/木基包钢地板
  • 配件